#teacheroath: Swearing not Pledging

#teacheroath: Swearing not Pledging New post - #politicianoath - After you, Mr Hunt #education @teacherROAR

Out-trending #xfactorresults last night was #teacheroath – a twitterstorm of response to a hashtag started by @teacherROAR. As someone said – who but teachers would give up part of their Sunday evening to take part in such an “event”? (Yes we know we were multitasking with work preparation/TV/emails/chores/etc at the time – when do we not?)

It’s difficult to know what Tristram Hunt, our shadow…

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Return to Singapore

There’s plenty of misunderstanding and misinformation about Singapore’s approaches to education, and about its drive to improve learning and teaching within a system that has long been regarded as highly successful.

Singapore’s system of education was mentioned in Michael Gove’s ‘interview’ at the London Festival of Education, and he was clearly trying to point to Singapore’s great education…

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#Tell Nicky: Part Two - Response to her address to Conference

#TellNicky: Part Two - Response to her address to Conference - Ideas for an education message we’d like to see.

There are some points from Nicky Morgan’s education speech at the Conservative Party conference this week which warrant further comment. Her values and philosophy of education came through loud and clear – and not in a positive way.


Her party is proudof steamrollering ‘change’ without due regard for the teaching profession, for the teaching unions and, more importantly, for the needs of our…

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Teaching Poetry: Unpopular Problems

Teaching Poetry: Unpopular Problems #NationalPoetryDay Let’s ask YP what they would like to read/recite.

It’s National Poetry Day.

We wonder which poems are being recited in schools throughout the land today. Coleridge? Byron? Auden? Or something more contemporary.

We also wonder whether children and young people have been asked about their views on poetry. Do they have a poet that they particularly admire? What if that poet is a lyricist? They’re probably more likely to be able to recite lyrics…

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#TellNicky - What Our Teachers Want for Education

#TellNicky - What Our Teachers Want for Education - New Post - comments on the Twitter Storm from yesterday.

On 30th September, Nicky Morgan delivered her inaugural speech as the Secretary of State for Education to the Conservative Party Conference.

Here is the the full transcript, and click here for more information about the woman that replaced Mr Gove.


Following her speech, the NUT released a press statement which reiterated some of the points from their “Teachers and Workload”survey carried out in…

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"Pride" and the value of Social Intelligence

"Pride" and the value of Social Intelligence - New Post- a film that celebrates communities & empathy. #pridemovie

In this blog we often refer to books, newspaper articles, music and films that, for us, exemplify multiple intelligences and their importance, their use and their value in our lives.

Our society and our education system is so driven by the pursuit of intellect that some lose sight of the other intelligences that are necessary for living well.

A new film called “Pride” is an intelligent film…

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A Creative Approach to the New Curriculum

A Creative Approach to the New Curriculum - New Post: How we can be creative with the curriculum. #edchat #ukedchat

Being Creative

As we said in our previous post, schools in England are faced with yet another revision of the National Curriculum this term. We’ve seen the headlines – fractions for five year olds (many of us spoke with children about fractions decades before it was imposed), foreign languages for seven year olds and a chronological history curriculum, to name but a few.

We also summarised Sir Ken Robinson’s…

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Lovely Brand New National Curriculum

Lovely Brand New National Curriculum More thoughts on educators, the aims of education & creativity @SirKenRobinson

Ros Asquith Lines: new education secretary“The man who was responsible for supervising the first National Curriculum of over 100 years ago was the Senior Chief Inspector, Edmond Holmes. When he retired he wrote a book in which he condemned all that he had been doing for the last thirty years, and admitted his sense of shame for being a part of it. He wrote about how teaching had become a debased activity:

In nine schools out of ten, on…

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Mud Turtles and Multiple Intelligences - More Thoughts on Examinations

Mud Turtles and Multiple Intelligences - More Thoughts on Examinations New Post “The Game Is Rigged” @LucyMangan

We’ve already tweeted a link to this Guardian magazine piece by Lucy Mangan, but for those who missed it here’s a brief overview, plus a few of our own thoughts on ‘credentialism’:

Sitting exams is a game, and the game is rigged


I was good at exams, and so I bloody well should have been. The system was set up for…

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Rotherham Sexual Abuse: Can we now have statutory SRE?

#Rotherham Sexual Abuse: Can we now have statutory SRE? - It’s critical that we get action on SRE now for our YP

Almost a year ago, we wrote a post about sex and relationships education (SRE) titled “Let’s be Clear about SRE”.



At the time, Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, had expressed his support for updating the SRE guidance – a document that was written fourteen years ago. Simultaneously the Prime Minister was rightly raising…

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